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The Young Women First! (YWF!) programme seeks to mobilise young women, empower them and provide support that leads to young women reclaiming their sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). It provides a platform to raise awareness of SRHR issues and to speak on behalf of young women and girls at continental level, linking with regional and international platforms such as the African Union, UN Women, and UNGASS.

The aim of the YWF! programme is to contribute significantly towards the reduction of the vulnerability of women and girls aged between 15-24 years in southern Africa to SRHR. Read more...

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YWF! Newsletter Issue 1: 2012

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Position Paper: Addressing Adolescent Pregnancy Challenges in Southern Africa in the Era of HIV, SAfAIDS 2011

Position Paper: Leveraging Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) to Reduce HIV-Related Vulnerabilities in Southern Africa, SAfAIDS, 2011

YWF! Newsletter Issue 2: 2011

  • The cup that does not overfloweth
  • Is it just blood?
  • And many more...

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YWF! Newsletter Issue 1: 2011

  • Who's afraid of a little housework?
  • Sexual abuse preventing progress on education targets
  • And much more...
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